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Nuclear Hysteria

April 6, 2010

I’d like to point out the people over at (note in the banner all the states are red btw) are very upset about Obama’s “middle way” on nuclear policy. Things I learned from this post:

1) Americans have already died because of Obama’s national security policy
2) Weaponized small pox attacks are around the corner (think: lots of blankets). Oh and the correct response to a small pox attack is a nuclear retaliation (I guess the Cherokee are regretting the reduction of their nuclear arsenal)
3) Dropping the number of long-range missiles to 1500 in our nuclear arsenal of 10,000 warheads will put us all in great danger
4) Being “wimpy” President bad/ Being “tough” President good
5) Bill Ayers is behind the policy decision

Hard to argue with that stunning use of logic.

UPDATE: Al Jazeera has a nice run down of the world’s nuclear stockpile.

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