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From the Leaflet Archive: Stalin, Planters Peanuts, and Capitalists

April 14, 2010

“Stalin – fighting the war for the capitalists!”

Many may know a large chunk of my academic interest is in the Second World War and post-war period on the Eastern Front, therefore I cannot help but post little items I’ve found in my research over the years. I have more leaflets than I know what to do with at this point in time, so I thought I’d do a reoccurring post with various leaflets that were dropped on the Eastern Front.

Tonight I’m starting with one of my all-time favorites. This leaflet was dropped by the Nazis somewhere on the Eastern Front – sometime during the war (impossible to know where/when). As you can see, Churchill and Roosevelt are riding good ole Stalin (I guess they had a special handicapped saddle for…too soon? Perhaps) in the war against the Nazis. I’m sure this leaflet must have had a devastating effect on the Red Army (in russian accent “Why are peanuts riding glorious Comrade Stalin? Oh god, why are we fighting at all?”). In some perverse way, the propaganda in the leaflet can be construed as true, but let’s not get into that here.

My favorite thing about this leaflet is that the capitalists look like planters peanuts. I’m undecided as to whether this was intentional or not. Initially, I thought no way, but the more I think about it perhaps the artist actually intended them to look like Mr. Peanut.
Look at Mr. Peanut – he just screams bourgeois pig! And where does that eye monocle tie around to? Just obnoxious. Considering the time-line, it is possible they were referring to Mr. Peanut, as he was invented in a company contest by a 14-yr old boy in Wilkes-Bare, PA in 1906 (I think that’s pretty much it for Wilkes-Bare’s contributions to humanity). Apparently this isn’t the first war Mr. Peanut has seen:


Kind of scary…

Either way, tell me what you think and also, any ideas on a nifty name for the reoccurring leaflet posts?

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