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Polish Planes and Capitalism

May 7, 2010

I have now discussed on a number of occasions how various groups in Eastern Europe and the West have been looking to “cash in” on the Polish plane tragedy, it seems my original turn of phrase has come true in the literal sense.

Exhibit A is the news story that Poles can now take tours of the site where the Polish went down taking the government with it. RT reports:

Several Polish tourist companies that offer trips to Russia include in their programs a visit to the place where the aircraft carrying Polish state and military leaders crashed on April 10, killing all on board. Russian news agency RBC reported on Thursday that such companies usually ask from $250 to $300 for such trip. Apart from this sum the tourists will have to pay $60 for a Russian visa and $25 for the Belarus transit visa.

Of course, there are already tours that go to Katyn, another site of national mourning, so why not one more? And in the end, isn’t this what freedom is all about these days? The opportunity to make a few bucks (or profit as it’s known) at the “expense” of your dead president? If this were Soviet times in Poland there would have been all kinds of stoic monuments built and long, boring funerals to watch on state-owned television, but not now. Now you can make some dough and do something patriotic at the same time. Who would have thought the nexus between capitalism and nationalism would be so…convenient?

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