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US Military Kills Women, Children in Pakistan

June 2, 2010

The drone attacks keep coming and the children keep falling. The CS Monitor reports:

Dawn, a Pakistani English-language daily, reports… the drone attack killed his wife, three daughters, one granddaughter, and other men, women, and children.

For some odd reason, the shooting of missiles from the sky that blow up children is controversial in Pakistan. The CS Monitor continues:

Drone strikes, which have increased during the Obama administration, have incited anger from Pakistan’s public because of the civilian casualties they cause. CNN reported last year that the US’s drone strategy in Pakistan has been extremely controversial because of the high reported civilian death toll, which has fueled anti-American sentiment among the local population.

It seems even the UN is not happy about them either, which just released 29-page report that decried the legal issues surrounding the killings. In their typical pusillanimous approach, the UN made sure to mince words:

The report — the most extensive effort by the United Nations to grapple with the legal implications of armed drones — also proposed a summit of “key military powers” to clarify legal limits on such killings.

I’m sure the proposed summit will clarify the whole shooting-missiles-out-of-the-sky-into-other-sovereign-territories-and-blowing-up-children issue. As for the matter of international law and the truism that international law applies equally to all countries (as nice liberals would have you believe), I’m sure the Obama adminstration will reassure the world that in event another country might want to shoot missiles out of the sky at say a terrorist being harbored in the US and a few American children were blown up, they would have no problem with that, because they are that committed to the cause of destroying terrorism (not a relative term) and the principles of international law (certainly a universal principle).

Oh, and the missile also killed an al-Qaeda militant – I guess I forgot to mention that. Don’t blame me though – it doesn’t really matter how one frames such events.

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