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Tea Party Plan Massive Protest Against Libya Bombing

March 23, 2011

Just kidding, that’s not going to happen. But if you believed that headline, you clearly need help. The Tea Party or as I like to call them, Goldman Sach’s Foot Soldiers (c), only protest spending on unionized workers, teachers, and poor people. The $100 million plus per day spent bombing Libya…well, apparently that’s money well spent…even though we’re “broke.”

Sure, a couple elected “Tea Partiers” made some pretty brave and forceful statements regarding Libya on such venues as “Facebook,” but even their leadership is undecided on the action. A few even had the gall to note the fact it was possibly “unconstitutional” for Obama not to come to Congress first before waging “war,” as if every President in the last sixty years hasn’t done so. Of course, if you really wanted a discussion about the constitutionality of Obama’s actions, you’d be taking stances like our friend, Glenn Greenwald, not having a cup of tea over at National Review to discuss it. But in the end, we’re all still waiting for the masses to come out and protest this form of government spending.

By the way, that plane that dropped out of the sky yesterday? $40 million dollars. Yes, we could have dropped $40 million on Detroit (or in Tea Party terms – given that money to America’s billionaires so they’ll stimulate the economy), but instead it’s burned up in a pile somewhere in the Libyan desert. Good choice? The Tea Party thinks so.

See more on Libya’s new “freedom package” over at the Daily Show.

(Photo: Uncoverage Blog)

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