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Soul Sundays: Caitlin Rose

March 27, 2011

Following up last week’s Middle Brother post, I thought I’d keep our Soulful Sundays in the country direction. Today’s showcase is the Nashville native, Caitlin Rose. I’ve followed her work for the past few years and I’m very excited that her first album was just released this past month, Own Side Now. Despite being only 23, her name is already being used in the company of Gillian Welch, Lucinda Williams, Loretta Lynn and Patsy Cline. This is probably because she displays an air of sagacity and savvy well beyond her years, not to mention her songwriting craft and rich voice are quite remarkable for someone putting out their first album. Beyond the pure pleasure of listening to her to perform, you also can’t but help think to yourself, “There is a lot more good music to come.”

The following song, “Things Change,” from her album, is actually cut off at the end. Still, I’m posting it because I think it’s the best live version of this tune on Youtube at the moment and I really enjoy the performance. Definitely also give a look/listen to her on the LaundroMatinee sessions.

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