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Soul Sundays: Mavis Staples & Jeff Tweedy

April 17, 2011

Watching this video of 71-year-old soul goddess Mavis Staples (yes, of Staples Singers family fame) performing with alt-country god Jeff Tweedy is a beautiful thing. The two recently collaborated on her last record, “You Are Not Alone,” which was produced by Jeff Tweedy and recorded in Wilco’s Loft studio. Mavis did not know about Wilco before their work together, but that certainly didn’t get in the way of their chemistry. Reading about the project and listening to the music, you get the feeling Mavis felt flattered to be so respected by a younger generation of musicians, and Tweedy, of course, must have been in heaven to record and write music for such an iconic woman and voice. Tweedy, one of greatest American songwriters alive today, wrote this title track for the album. You can read more about their collaboration here. Enjoy!

“Open up, this is a raid. I wanna get it through to you. You’re not alone.”

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