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American Sponsored Terrorist Dies Peacefully – Age 84

May 4, 2011

In a strange twist of fate, another terrorist died last week in Miami, Orlando Bosch, just days before the assassination of a more well-known terrorist, Osama bin Laden. The difference between these two men? Well, the United States didn’t like one of them and he got a bullet in the head, the other lived a life of peace within our borders and died peacefully of natural causes.

The Cuban-exile Bosch was well-known for his involvement in the bombing of a Cuban airline in 1976 that killed 73 innocent people. Declassified CIA reports have proven his role in the bombing. One of Bosch’s men called him after the mass murder by reporting: “A bus with 73 dogs went off a cliff and all got killed.”

In total, he was likely involved in roughly 90 acts of terrorism. Our own Justice Department (yes the Dept of Justice in the United States) reported he committed 30 acts of terrorism and ordered him deported, but that never happened. Why? Because one George Walker Bush overruled the order and gave him haven in the US.

Lesson: the United States was, is and will never stand against all terrorism — it only fights the terrorism that threatens its existence. Victims of our terrorist friends are, of course, dogs. Good luck finding any real press on his passing too.

Here’s the terrorist having a smile about his crimes:

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