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Radical Graffiti Pt. 2

May 18, 2011

The follow-up to my first post on radical graffiti I’ve collected over the last decade.

Rivne, Ukraine

At first, this looks like leftist radical graffiti, but if you take a closer look you’ll notice the top part reads: Національний Альянс, which is in fact, a radical right-wing youth movement that operates in western Ukraine. So, yes still radical, just a different ideology than the other pictures I’ve posted. Also, someone either had a great sense of humor and grasp on the English language, or the “fisting” comment was very much a narration fail.

Moscow bus (2005)

I think the “Death to the bourgeoisie” remark and hammer/sickle make this ideology rather unambiguous.

Saint Petersburg

That’s the Russian national emblem. Love this one.

Warsaw (2005)

Not what you expect to see in Warsaw, that’s for sure.


Leave it to the French for some Germinal quotes and a MLK Jr. reference for good measure.

Kyiv, Ukraine (2011)

A little anti-fa action in Kyiv.

Kyiv, Ukraine (2011)

“Father Makhno, your work lives on!” A curious homage to Nestor Makhno, the Ukrainian anarchist/enfant terrible, right near my house.

(Note: all photographs are the author’s. Please ask permission before reproducing)

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