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Soviet Wartime Humor

August 7, 2011

It’s August and it’s hot: I thought we could all use a little wartime humor. The following is from a Soviet newspaper from western Ukraine in 1944. The section is called “Frontovyi Humor” or Frontline Humor.

"Beat the German snakes from the front and back"

Not quite the order
– I told them that the Germans need to go into battle with their heads held high.
– And so?
– They came back from the war with their hands up.

– Listen, Hans, how have you commanded our squadrons to fly?
– I commanded them to deliver well-aimed bombings. Is that not the case?
– Well, yea, perhaps you don’t know that we bombed our own soldiers today.

Important Question
Teacher: Paul, what do you know about rivers in the Soviet Union?
Student: Dear teacher, I think this is a very important question to answer, but I simply don’t have time to answer it, since my father is drowning in the Volga, my brother in the Dnepr, and my uncle in the Prut.

That wasn’t too macabre, was it?

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  1. September 27, 2011 4:14 pm

    It was a little macabre but it made me laugh. Thanks for finding this. I’m enjoying your blog.

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