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Ukrainian Partisan “National Avenger”

August 23, 2011

I’d like to get back to writing longer posts, but with the workload at present (which feels like a multiple front war: archives, libraries, interviews), it’s difficult.

Title page, "National Avenger or People's Avenger"

In the meantime, I couldn’t resist posting these amazing images from the partisan journal, “National Avenger” or “People’s Avenger.” I read that Rivne based partisans had their own “journal,” in addition to printing newspapers (Chervonyi Prapor), during the occupation. I only recently found a copy. This must be a template, since all the pictures are hand-drawn. The content is mostly fictional stories about partisan heroics, with a few poems, hymns thrown in for good measure. The idea seemed to be to entertain the partisans, more than entice (or propagandize) the population at large. Enjoy!

A woman watches her village burn.

"A woman partisan meets her son, a tank driver" (w/ musical accompaniment)

"Why we take revenge"

The best part is they printed the journal on paper from the Nazi administration. Notice the Gebietskommissariat title in the bottom right with the blacked out swastika.

Shevchenko makes an appearance. Verse from his "My Testament"

Nazis headed home.

Just sweeping up.

This last one is most interesting. I immediately recognized it as being similar to the front of Issac Babel’s book, Red Cavalry. That image was taken from the Civil War poster below. Little known fact: Pavel, the giant Soviet soldier, destroyed much of the German army just by himself.

(Source: Pineapple Compote)

Last, but not least, the crossword puzzle. Thirty-seven across is pretty easy…


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